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My name is Dustin Myers and I have a Bachelor of Science in I.T. and four years of experience in IT Operations. I am a U.S.M.C Veteran. I recently graduated from DigitalCrafts, a full stack immersive web development bootcamp.

I am actively seeking a role in development, software engineering, web development, programming, or application support. I have experience creating applications in HTML , CSS, Javascript , Node.js, React.js, Express.js, and Python.

My hobbies include reading, running, and spending time with my girlfriend and our two dogs.

I decided to get into development because I love to learn, and I love to create things. I know that in development you can never stop learning, and I never want to. I enjoy troubleshooting issues, fixing bugs, and discovering new ways of doing things. I am looking for a team where I can grow, learn, and most importantly contribute significantly in a team environment.


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Doctrinal Mastery Review

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Doctrinal Mastery is a quizlet clone I did for a client on Upwork using React. Client is a teacher with an audience of around 20,000 students. The clients flashcard deck needed to be taken off of Quizlet in order to reduce the friction from students being forced to signup for Quizlet. The goal was to make everything as simple as possible with as few steps as possible in order to increase the odds a student will choose to use the site.

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Active Toggle

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Active Toggle is a web application that allows for anonymous, simple feedback. A teacher can give students a light they can toggle green or red. The teacher doesn't know until over half the students toggle their light red. The teachers light will update automatically via the webhook running on the backend Node / Express API.

This was a solo project built using the PERN stack ( Postgresql, Express, React, Node). I implemented webhooks using socket.io. Frontend is deployed on Netlify and backend is deployed on AWS.

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Jumper Guy

Can you escape the cursed endless tunnel? Can you overcome your greatest foe, the mighty trash can? Find out in this installment of jumper guy. ( Side scrolling game made in python with pygame )

This project was created as part of a 3 person development team. I was responsible for the game physics that included jumping, collision detection, and random obstacle generation.

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GameScope provides users the ability to view what games will be released via user-specified filters. Users can additionally click on games to view more information about the game along with news articles (if available).

This project was created as part of a three person development team. I had extensive involvement in structuring the API calls for multiple endpoints and I was responsible for building the News feature. My debugging skills where instrumental in getting the team past multiple blockers, saving hours of time.

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